Boot lock latch disabled. How can I open boot?  


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05/10/2017 10:52 am  


      A few weeks ago my key snapped in the boot lock due to the cold. I had a locksmith come out and cut a new key, but he was unable t retrieve the broken bit from the boot as was jammed. He then disabled the latch inside the boot lock so that it would shut and not be able to be simply lifted open by an opportunist walking by. Problem now is, how do I open the boot so that I can take the old lock off and replace with a new one (and therefore will have a different key for the boot to rest of car). Is there a way to open it from the inside? The locksmith had to undo some bolts/screws to open it up and expose the latch and these were on the inside of the car – are they reachable if I were to climb into the boot by folding down the back seats? And would this give me enough room and angle to reattach the latch?


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