What kind of suspension is this?  


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14/10/2017 2:06 pm  


       For a school project we have to create a concept car (I study automotive in Rotterdam). For this concept car we want a cheap and aerodynamic car.So we came up with the idea to use a double wishbone suspension with a different kind of pushrod setup.
Instead of traditional pushrods the upper wishbone extends past the pivoting point and the shock attaches to the end of it.
I am curious as to how this setup is called. At school we have a kitcar (a Tiger Avon I think) with this setup.
If needed I can (badly) draw out what I mean.If anyone knows what the calulation for the ratio is, let me know.


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References:   http://www.carforum.net/general-automotive-discussion/17173-what-kind-suspension.html

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