How long for leaked oil and coolant to burn off?  


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05/10/2017 10:48 am  


      I recently got a used 2004 Jeep Liberty 6 Cylinder and have had some repairs done. Oil was leaking due to a bad valve cover and the radiator cap looked like it had been through a rock tumbler, leading to a few overflows before replacing the cap. Now that all the problems are fixed, I can still slightly smell the burning oil and antifreeze and small whisps of steam occasionally come from under the hood when idling. I've had it looked over and the gaskets are fine and there are no current leaks, I was told that what I was seeing and smelling was just the leftovers from the previous oil leaks and coolant overflows that is still burning off.

My question is: how long does something like this take to fully burn off so that the engine doesn't smell like it's about to ignite?


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