Which one is best tyres for Honda City fiesel tyres?  


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12/10/2017 8:08 am  


     Have done almost 50000 km.Ftont wheel corner edges of tyres looks worn out.The dip engraved on tyres are ready to pop out.It wad fitted with bridgestone B250.One spare wheel is still with unused tyres if bridge stone (2 yeard old but totally new and used).Options for me: 1) 3 new Bridgestone B250+1 spare wheel tyre. 2) 4 new Michelin XM2 and same spare wheel tyre. 3) Sell spare wheel tyre and go for 4 new Michelin retain old tyre for spare wheel. 4) Option 3 or 4 Continental tyres. Everones view my running 2000 km approx monthly. 


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