What the heck is a sport tourer anyway?  


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        The "Best Sport Tourer Update" thread has revealed underlying disagreement about sport touring--although "non-agreement" may be a better way to put it. We differ in both mission profile and equipment requirements when we talk about sport touring.For me, sport-touring is a one-up, multi-day ride primarily over twisty backroads, a minimum of 200mi per day (more often 400) and from several hundred to well over 1000mi total distance. I ride fairly fast, but no more than 8/10s on such a ride. If I'm not visiting friends, I eat in restaurants and sleep in hotels--no camping. I prefer nice weather, but a storm looming in the forecast won't change my plans. Sightseeing is often an important part of the trip, so I'll stop to visit interesting locations or just stroll around a town I haven't seen before.


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