would you recommend a motorcycle as an economical option in my situation?  


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I'm in a financial stage where I could spare maybe an additional $50-100 a month towards additional transportation costs and I have about $3k on hand I could comfortably use for a down payment. These financials really wouldn't work for a car, unless it's a really old one and I don't want to take on the risk of it breaking a week after I get it. But these are numbers that could work for a new-ish motorcycle. 

My commute is about ten minutes drive or a half hour walk and doesn't involve any highway driving. The walk has become somewhat impractical though, as temperatures in my area are regularly above 100 degrees every day right now. Deodorant can only do so much. Right now we have an old junker used car that breaks every few months and eats $500 of repairs each time. If me and my wife had a second vehicle between us, even just a motorcycle, it would help out immensely with logistics of getting to and from work. Her commute is about a half hour drive and has a very irregular schedule.

So I wanted to hear your thoughts, would you recommend a motorcycle as an economical option in my situation?


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