What's at Fault Here? Is it the Tyre / Rim or Something Else?  


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    I was driving with a cold tire pressure of 32psi on all tires. Everything was fine for 4 months when the weather was really hot. Not a single drop of rain. Couple of months back, the car hit a small speed breaker probably around 30 kmph and slowed to a halt immediately. There were no issues but I kept checking the struts for any oil leak but didnt find any. After a week or so, i noticed a deterioration in ride quality especially on uneven roads near my home. Even then, on warmer days, after being in the sun for 30 min or so, the car ran fine. It was in the evenings that the problem showed up. I thought that the strut might have lost gas as a result of the impact on the speed breaker. I tried increasing the tyre pressure by 1 psi to 33 psi and it ran fine in the morning. But, in the evenings it was completely different. The steering became a bit stiff and the car wobbled on uneven roads and dipped more on potholes. On flat roads it was fine. I felt a thud sometimes from the back of the car as if the trunk is open and hitting the bumper. I suspected the rear shocks were bad since they had never been replaced before and their damping was really bad.


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